Be My Valentine

This weekend, Jasmine and I decided to stay in the Valentine’s Day spirit by making some crafts. One of our crafts was inspired by something that I had seen in this month’s issue of Family Fun magazine. It was a hand-made card that we both knew would be awesome for her poppy and we were excited to do our own.

We collected our supplies and got to work. We needed construction paper (we used 3 different colors), glue, a pencil, scissors, and any other various craft supplies to decorate. (We opted to use red foam stickers in a Valentine’s Day theme. )

Supplies needed

Supplies needed

The first thing we did was to take our 1st sheet of paper and fold it in half. We chose to use plain white as this was the base of the card and we would be writing on the inside. Then, we used a 2nd sheet of paper (red) and traced Jasmine’s hand. I helped her with this part to make sure we got all fingers and to make sure her fingers weren’t too spaced apart. Then, she cut out the hand, as well as a large heart from the 3rd piece of paper (pink).

Cutting out shapes

The next thing she did was fold over the middle and ring finger on the hand she cut out. Only fold them over half way, as if you are folding at the knuckles, to make the “I love you” hand sign.

Folding fingers

Next, she glued on all of the stuff on the front. She glued the hand inside the heart and then the heart onto the front of the card. Then, she began decorating it by adding text to the front and the foam stickers. (She put a foam heart in the center of the hand because it reminded her of one of her favorite books called, The Kissing Hand. )

finishing front of card

Lastly, she filled in a heart filled message on the inside of the card for her intended recipient. She loved how it came out and is excited to mail it out.

finished product