Mailbox Freebies

So, my mailbox is finally beginning to go back to the normal flow of freebies as it usually has. Although I loved the tidal wave of cards and Christmas greetings from all my friends and loved ones, I did miss my other goodies.

This week, was a good one! Here is what I got….

Mailbox Freebies

  • Cosmopolitian magazine
  • Lego Club Magazine
  • Gerber coupons
  • Sample & coupon of chocolate Cream of Wheat
  • Sample & coupon of Bigelow tea
  • 5 *FREE* coupons for 12 pack of Coke product

(The Coke coupons came from They are a rewards club for Coke drinkers. You collect codes from under lids and in cases and enter them online and then redeem them for all kinds of goodies!)

What kind of goodies are in your mailbox this week?