I <3 a Clearance find!

Glade Expressions Mist on clearance at Target

Glade Expressions Mist on clearance at Target

Today I had to run to Target to grab a few things. (It was really only 1 thing but if any of you have ever shopped at Target before, you know that there is no such thing as only coming out with  thing!!)

Since I love to sneak a peek at the clearance spots, I quick grabbed a few coupons in case I came across any good deals. Some of the coupons I brought with me were included $2 Glade Expressions Mist and $4 Glade Expressions Oil Diffusers. I also had $1 Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser Target coupons.

I felt like I hit the jackpot!! The Glade Expressions Oil diffusers were priced at $5.99. (regular price) The final price came out to $0.99 after the stacked coupons. (Target $1 off coupon here, $4 manufacturer coupon here.)

The Glade Expressions Mist was marked on clearance at $2.54. With the coupons that I had, it made them just $0.54 each!! The $2 off coupon is available on the Target website here. (There is also a $2 coupon here and here.)

Clearance price!

Clearance price!

I had recently been given these for free to review through BzzAgent and I fell in love with them! I was so happy to find them at an awesome stock up price! I love a good smelling house and I love when I don’t have to pay a lot to do so!!


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