Cafe Escapes

Being a part of BzzAgent gives me an opportunity to try out new products and then spread the word and my opinion. This week, I had the opportunity to try out Cafe Escapes K-Cups.

My Bzzkit with samples and coupons

My Bzzkit with samples and coupons

Being an avid coffee drinker,  I am always willing to try a new brew or brand. I like tasting a wide variety and keeping a selection on hand. This was an excellent opportunity for me because I received 2 sample packs that included many different varieties. They included: cafe vanilla, cafe caramel, mocha chocolate, chai latte, dark chocolate hot cocoa, and milk chocolate hot cocoa.

Sample Packs from Cafe Escapes

Sample Packs from Cafe Escapes

We had fun sampling the different varieties and seeing which ones we liked best. I liked the cafe caramel the best. It had a smooth caramel flavor and is just the right mixture of sweet and creamy without having to add sugar or creamer. My husband thought the cafe vanilla was good, just weak. When made with a smaller cup of water, it was much better and quite delicious. All of the hot cocoa k-cups were great and my daughter loved them. After trying the cafe vanilla, we decided to try these with the smaller cup option as well and we were glad we did. They were the perfect blend for cocoa. Not watery and very rich in chocolate flavor.

Freshly brewed Cafe Caramel

Freshly brewed Cafe Caramel

Although very delicious, I do not see these as replacing a cup of coffee. They don’t carry the same punch that coffee gives you BUT I can see these as being an addition to the supply on hand for when I am wanting a little something extra. They are more like a specialty drink and a treat.

The packs of K-cups are very comparatively priced with other packs of K-cups. They range from $6.99 – $9.99 at my local ShopRite. They are also available at many other grocery stores and mass merchandisers.

Today, I will be playing “coupon fairy.” I will be out and about doing my shopping and I am armed with coupons that I received from BzzAgent. I will be looking to share the savings in the coffee aisle with others.

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