My newest money saving venture is in a mobile app called Ibotta. It is for smartphones (or tablets) and it works for both android and apple products. The app is a free download.

Basically, when you open the app,  there are different products listed with a dollar value beneath them. When you click on a product,  you have choices to earn savings from that product by either watching a video, learning a fact, posting to FB, or doing a poll adding up to the value amount that was beneath the product. The more of the choices you do, the more you earn back. Then, you purchase the specific product from one of the listed participating retailers. Once home, you click redeem and take a picture of your receipt (following the on-screen instructions) and then you choose the product you bought and scan it’s bar-code. You submit it and that’s it.

You get a notification of when your savings are added to your account and it doesn’t take long at all. For me, I got a deposit within the hour. The cool thing is you can cash out and get the money deposited straight into a Paypal account (or you can choose to donate to a school or the United Way).

You can get a $5 deposit for your 1st redemption by using my referral code found here. http://ibotta.com/r/MYq9FA

It’s pretty easy and so far I am liking the offers listed. Why not try it out for yourself??


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