Thoughts for the New Year

Anyone who knows my family, knows it was a very difficult year for us last year. We lost my step-father to liver cancer a year ago today and that was just the first of many many losses we felt. My Meme, Oma, an old co-worker, a family cat, and Gram Gabella were all also lost last year. Tie that in with the devastation we saw from Hurricane Sandy to places we have many memories from and the horrendous events that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary school and it’s hard to see any good from the year.

Looking back,  I don’t want to remember it as “the year of doom” that I had previously been referring to it as. I want to remember it as the year Jasmine learned to swim, or the year we had the best summer vacation, or even the year dad got his drum set. It was the year that my baby sister got pregnant and gave us hope for the future and the year my big sister bought a house.

There is lots of good there, I just had to look down deep to find it. One of this year’s resolutions and goals is to always find the good. This year is already looking promising! My sister’s due date is growing near, a cousin is getting married, and things are really looking up. I’m making a point of telling my loved ones that I love them and doing my best to to try and spend time with them. One thing last year taught me was that life is too short and you need to enjoy it while you can.


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