What’s in my Cart?

Hi all! And Happy New Year!! I have been MIA for a few days with all of the hustle bustle of the holidays, Jasmine being home from school, and 2 pretty nasty snow storms but I am back!

Now, I have not been shopping in a few weeks but we were able to live off of our stockpile until I was able to go shopping today! (whew, no more creative dinners! lol) I wanted to wait until today because today marks the start of ShopRite’s can can sale. Can Can has been around for QUITE a few years. If you don’t know what Can Can is, it’s basically when canned goods are at their lowest price without even using coupons.

Some of the big ticket items are:

  • ShopRite vegetables – $0.33 (I am not a big veggies in a can type of person but I always try to have some on hand, just in case!)
  • ShopRite beans – $0.49 (Perfect for making chili in this cold weather!!)
  • Tuttorosso Tomatoes- 12/$6.88 (These are the big mama-jama cans! Another great priced item that you use all year round)
  • Coke soda can 12 packs- 5/$10
  • Progresso soups – 10/$9.88 (plus, there are coupons available which makes this deal EVEN better!)

There are tons of great deals right now that are perfect for stocking up your cabinets.

I didn’t get a chance to do my usual picture and complete write up of what I bought because of time constraints but I will share with you my final numbers.

Subtotal $248.21……. Amount paid $152.77

I also purchased 123 items INCLUDING a 24 pack of Charmin toilet paper, 2 large packs of chicken breasts and tons of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Not too shabby for my first time back out after my little hiatus…




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