Christmas from the Heart Part 2

Here it is! The finished product! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it! Today I will tour you through half of the house. Don’t forget to come back on Monday to see the rest!!

My fantastically awesome Barbie House!

My fantastically awesome Barbie House!

The kitchen is made up of the fridge, sink & cabinets, and the stove. I made the fridge out of black duct

The Kitchen

The Kitchen

tape on the presentation board. The doors open and close revealing a fridge and freezer stocked full of food. Inside, I had cut out food pictures from ads and glued them onto a piece of white paper that I had drawn the shelves onto.  The sink and counters are also made out of the same board. I glued on a contrasting color board to make the appearance of drawers and cabinets and hot glued beads as handles. For the countertop, I used paint sample cards from Lowes in a granite color and glued them around an empty plastic baby food container that I used for the sink. The faucet it a little hook thing off of a plastic hanger and beads. I made a cabinet above the counter out of a small tea bag box. Inside it, I glued pictures of dry goods and added a shelf. The stove is made up of the presentation board. I used the bottoms of tea light candles for the burners and I had metal swirl scrapbook embellishments that I used for the heating coils. Beads were glued on for knobs and I used a toothpick and beads to make a bar along the front of the oven. I drew a little clock and glued it to the front display on top. It does open and I added a baking rack inside made from cardboard covered in silver duct tape. For decoration, I used a round toothpick holder and a piece of plastic bag as a garbage can as well as a scrap of fabric as a hand towel.

The Dining Room

The Dining Room

The dining room has a table, 4 chairs, and a hutch. Again, I used the presentation board to make the table and chairs, then I simply spray painted the table black. I covered the chairs in the print fabric and used an old blanket as stuffing for the chair cushions. I used a piece of black ribbon along the middle to add some flavor and a bow to make them look fancy pants. The hutch is one of my favorite pieces. I made it from a smaller thick cardboard box that something had been shipped in. I cut out 3 rectangles on top and then spray

Close up of Hutch... sorry about mirror glare from flash!

Close up of Hutch… sorry about mirror glare from flash!

painted it black. I cut 3 rectangles from the board that I then used for shelves in the holes that I cut out. I glued mirror pieces (that I had found in my scrap-booking bin) inside the back wall of the hutch. I glued brown paper and beads to the front to make the appearance of bottom doors. For decoration, I made a lamp from a plastic bathroom cup, a kebob stick lined with beads and the cap to a hairspray bottle spray painted black. I made a flower vase from the clear cap of a hair product, toothpicks colored green, and red roses that I picked up somewhere along the way. The wall art is all from my magical scrap-booking bin.


Cozy Living Room!!

Cozy Living Room!!

The living room has a couch, recliner, coffee table, end table, fireplace, and flat screen tv. The couch is made up of a cardboard shipping box (that my Christmas cards came in) and presentation board back. I put them together and spray painted them black. The recliner, coffee table, and end table are all presentation board spray painted black. I then made all of the cushions and throw pillows from a piece of fabric from Walmart and an old blanket for the stuffing. I threw together a flat screen tv from a piece of board covered with silver duct tape and a cartoon picture glued on the front. I drew on knobs and channel buttons with a black Sharpie marker.



The fireplace is my favorite piece  in this room. I glued 2 pieces of rectangle board together and then cut a square out of the front of one of the boards. (This is where the fire goes.) I colored a fire and then glued it into the hole. I used real sticks from outside and glued them down as logs. For the face of the fireplace, I again had raided Lowes samples. This time, I was in the kitchen center and took a few of the laminate counter top samples in a color I liked. I glued the chips down to look like a stone front. For decoration, I threw in another lamp, 2 plants (made from wood beads and snipped pieces of green from my Christmas tree and a flower from an old centerpiece), an IPad (made from a picture of an Ipad in an ad glued onto the white board), and picture frames. The pictures were fun to do. I made the frames from small wood craft sticks glued together and covered in silver duct tape with a piece of clear plastic as the glass. The pictures inside are of Jasmine’s Barbies in poses. (We “played” one day and I let her take pictures of them.)
She had fun and had no idea that I secretly had a hidden agenda for those pictures! I’m thinking that she will really love that special touch.

So there you have it, the first half of my crafted Barbie House!! Please stop by on Monday to see the rest!!

Have a great weekend!


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