Homemade Christmas Decorations

Ta da!! My awesome center piece!

Ta da!! My awesome center piece!

I love a good craft. There’s something about the thrill of plugging in the glue gun and ending up with something awesome that you crafted. I’m not saying every craft comes out looking like something out of Martha Stewart Living, but they’re all pretty nifty in their own way.

Christmas time is one of my favorite craft seasons! You can make decorations, gifts, or just fun stuff to entertain the kiddos for a few hours.

One of this years crafts was inspired by this awesome decoration I saw at Target for $20. (check it out here) I loved it but I knew that I could probably make it my self and for less! The hubby was with me and he had the same idea as I did. Before I could say anything, he was the one exclaiming, “You could so make that.”

My 2 trial trees

My 2 trial trees

So I did!!

Last year, after Christmas, I bought 2 huge packs of plastic ball ornaments when they were 90% off. .They were originally $15 so I paid $1.50 for 50 ornaments. Combined with all the ornaments we already owned, it made a mega surplus of balls. Perfect for fun and crafting!!

I started with gluing about 9 balls in a circle for the base. I then glued a row upon row on top using 1 less ball as i went. Towards the top, I used medium and then smaller balls and finished it up with a star on top. I did 2 variations of the tree since I was playing around with how to do it.

The beginning of the tree

The beginning of the tree

I have plans on making these again next year as gifts for family and friends and there are a few changes I will make to make them look even nicer. For instance, I will do one with all the same size balls so I get a more uniform shape and I will also try doing some in different color patterns.

I hope you try out a fun Christmas craft either this year, or next! Have fun with it and be proud of your finished product!!



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