Homemade Christmas Presents

This weekend we set up and decorated our Christmas tree. I love the memories it brings as we hang up the decorations that we have accumulated over the years. This year, my dad passed ornaments from my Oma to me. These new ornaments mean the world to me. They are a piece of her that we have hanging on our tree among our other family memories.

Also hanging on our tree are quite a few homemade pieces of work, Ones that little hands crafted and put her heart into. They vary from Popsicle stick picture frames to dough ornaments and various glued objects. Each year, I try and find a new craft for my little girl to try out. I love seeing them each year and seeing how much she has grown up. I also love watching her face and hearing her “oohh” and “ahhh” as she pulls them out to hang them. It reminds me that I am doing something right as she brings back the memories that we have had as a family.

Here is a recipe for dough ornaments. These are quick, easy, and they come out really nice. You can use cookie cutters, free form, or just about anything to make these and they can be painted once they are dry. Ours came out awesome and they are an excellent addition to our “mish-mosh” tree.

Our Homemade Decorations from over the years


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