Black Friday

Oh the scary things you hear about Black Friday. I must admit, I’ve done the whole “stay up all night and do the mad dash throughout the stores thing” and I loved it! Mostly in part because I was with the coolest people ever (aka my family!) but the other part is scoring that awesome deal!

At least once in your life, I think you need to experience the thrill of standing in line for hours, waiting for the doors of the store to open, and then making the mad dash for your goodies and praying you don’t get trampled while doing so!

I am stocked up on my toy and store coupons now. (Hasbro offers many good ones that can be used at Toys R US, Walmart, and Target. Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Kmart, Target, and Kohls all often mail out coupons. )

I am actively scouring the Internet, checking for the leaked ads so I can prepare and plan my attack! (CVS looks VERY promising for SEVERAL freebies!!) Once Thursday comes, when the turkey settles, to the newspaper I will go. I will finalize my plans based on what deal I want to take advantage of most.

This year I will be going alone in person, but I know in spirit, my fellow Black Friday ninjas are out there!