Love Before Coupons

So, this weekend I was reminded that love comes before coupons.

Here’s what happened…

My sister just bought a new house. (Yay) Her and her family were busy packing and getting ready to move all week. Then, on Saturday, they were moving everything over and getting situated. Since I am 2.5 hours away, I wasn’t going to be able to go help her this time around so I planned my trip to CVS for 7 am Sunday morning where¬† I could gets TONS of stuff for free! Then, I got a frantic phone call.

My poor sister was up to her neck in stuff from her old attic and didn’t know what to do!! She didn’t even know she owned that much stuff and had no idea of what to do with it. Hearing the tears in her voice ripped at my guts and I knew that I had to go help. I am great at moving and organizing and I knew it would mean the world to her. I also knew that if I didn’t get to CVS 1st thing on Sunday, they would be sold out of most of the free items.

Oh, decisions… decisions….

Lol, but not really. I threw our bags together and jumped in the car and went to help my sister.

We worked our butts off and had some fun doing it. We even had a midnight run to Walmart for a shower curtain and garbage can. We were reminded of our younger days when we used to hang out and make frequent midnight runs (and not be tired while doing it!). I was glad that I could help and make my sister smile at a stressful time.

I went to CVS early this morning. While I only got 1/4 of what was on my list, I still did pretty good. I will check back later today to see if they were able to restock any of the items but I don’t regret not being there to get them all.

After all, a sale may last a week, but family is forever!!

I spent $3.57 out of pocket and got back $14.35 in ExtraBucks.