Saving Star

One of the coolest money saving things I have found is Saving Star. With Saving Star, I make money on purchasing products.

How it works is you sign up on their website and link your store shopping cards to your account. Each week new coupons are released and you “clip” them to your account. Then, you purchase the products as you would with normal coupons. The difference is the amount doesn’t come off instantly, but rather it is added into your account.

The best part about Saving Star is you can use a regular manufacturer coupon and a store E-Coupon with it. Oftentimes, you can get products for free when using the coupons and get a deposit on top of itt.

After you reach $5, you can choose your reward payout. (You don’t have to cash out at $5, but you need at least $5 to cash out.) My 2 favorite choices are an Amazon giftcard or a deposit into your Paypal account. The amounts add up quick and its a great way to make some easy cash for the holidays. I already have over $30 in my account from just the last few weeks!

Here is the link for their website so you can check it out and start making your own extra cash.