Seasonal cycles – Baking

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, you’ve probably noticed all of the holiday seasonal sales. Things like flour, sugar, yeast, and many other baking goods will be on sale and there are plenty of coupons to go along with them.

Between now and Christmas is the time to stock up on these baking products. These non-perishable items have a long shelf-life so you can buy enough to last you through the year.

For example, a 5 lb bag of flour is normally priced at $2.49. Sales bring that price down to $ and then with a coupon, you can get it at $.

Other things that will be on sale and to look out for are: chocolate chips, evaporated milk, canned soups, gravy, stuffing, hot cocoa, tea, butter, broth, cake mix, potatoes, and sweet potatoes.

Stock up now and get your bake on!!


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