Stock Up Prices

Every couponer has a stock-up price. They can vary by region and it’s a little different for everyone. I thought I would share some of my stock-up prices to help give you a general idea of what I think is a good deal.

Pasta – I won’t pay more than $0.88 a box. I stock up @ $0.38/ box
Cereal – $1 is highest price I will pay, stock up at $0.30 / box
Pasta sauce – $1 high, $0.88 or below stock up
Frozen vegetables – $1 high, $0.50 stock up
Waffles – $1 high, $0.50 stock up
Coffee Creamer – $0.50 stock up
Yogurt – $0.20 stock up
Shampoo/ conditioner – $1 or less for the good stuff
Razors – cheap ones free, $1.99 for ones you refill
Deodorant – $1 high, $0.50 stock up
Toothpaste – $0.50 high, free stock up
Toothbrushes – $0.50 high, free stock up
Boneless skinless chicken breast – $1.99/lb and below
Ground beef -$2.88/lb and below
Boneless pork – $1.64/lb and below
London Broil – $1.88/lb and below

I also came across this on one of the blogs that I follow. It is a long list of MANY different items in an AWESOME spreadsheet form that you can print and take with you. It comes from and can be found here.


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