Online Help & Resources

I am not a coupon extraordinaire by myself. I use many online resources to keep ahead of what new coupons come out and what deals are available.

Many of the pages I frequent are coupon bloggers who do it for a living. I follow them on Facebook, as well as subscribing to their emails. Their sites have many resources available such as coupon databases to look up where I can find a coupon or even tutorials for starting out. Many of these sites also do store match-ups. I always found these most helpful to me as I was starting out.

It’s pretty easy to find help online. I Googled “coupon blogs, upstate NY” and came up with a few. I also found a few others that are semi-local and others that are out of state that I also follow.

You don’t have to go through the coupon learning process alone. many of these ladies answer questions and they even have beginner videos and tutorials already set up. They make it easy to find the best deals, no matter what store you shop at.

Here are a few I suggest: This one is my favorite. Cindy is awesome! She does several store match-ups and she makes the couponing process so easy!

My Couportiera

Wisconsin Clippers


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