End of the Month Recap

Wow, this month has flown right by! As November comes to a close, I am again reminded of all the things I am grateful for.

I am thankful for family, friends, a warm home, food to eat, good health, and an abundance of love!

As we are entering into December, I am especially thankful for my money saving skills that allow me to make the most out of a budget. Our total grocery savings this month equaled $ . This gives us tons of wiggle room for the many presents we plan on giving.

Tomorrow marks a new month which brings tons of new coupons and lots of new savings. Don’t forget to print them while you can. It would be great if your family was able to benefit as our has!!








What’s in my Cart?

Today was a big event! It was my 1st outing since my surgery and it also happens to be Triple Coupon Event at ShopRite! (can you say whoohoo??) I was thrilled that MOST of the items on my list were in stock and that I was able to make the trip.

Here’s what I got….

  • Fleischmann’s bread mix – $2.29
  • 3- Kikkoman Panko Bread Crumbs – $0.99 = $2.97
  • Eagle Brand Condensed Milk – $1.99
  • 5- International Delight Coffee Creamers – $2.29 = 11.45
  • 3- Mio Water Enhancers – $3.16 = $9.48
  • 2- Honey Nut Cheerios – $2 = $4
  • 2- Cheerios Cereal – $2 = $4
  • 2- Frosted Flakes Cereals- $1.99 = $3.98
  • 6- Cinnamon toast Crunch Cereal – $2 = $12
  • 2- Lucky Charms Cereal – $2 = $4
  • 4- College Inn Broth Cartons – $2 = $8
  • 5- Muir Glen Tomato Sauce $1.59 = $7.95
  • 2- Swanson Flavor Boost $1.99 = $3.98
  • Cains Pickle Chips – $2.29
  • 4- Progresso Recipe Starters – $2.19 = $8.76
  • 2 Crystal Farms Chunk Cheese- $2.69 = $5.38
  • 2- Country Crock Butter – $1.99 = $3.98
  • 8- YoPlait Greek Yogurt – $1 = $8
  • 6- YoPlait Kids Yogurt – $2 = $12
  • 4- YoPlait Simplait yogurt $0.50 = $2
  • 2- Yoplait Lactose free yogurt- $0.99 = $1.98
  • 2- Birds Eye Steamfresh vegetables – $0.99= $1.98
  • 4- Carmex Lip Stick – $0.99 = $3.96
  • 3- Colgate Toothbrushes – $1.79 = $5.37
  • 2- Ludens Cough Drops – $1.19 = $2.38
  • 2- Suave Mens Shampoo- $2.19 = $4.38
  • Betty Crocker SHake & Pour Mix – $3.29
  • 2- Bisquick Mix – $2.49 = $4.98
  • 3- Fleischmanns Pizza Yeast – $1.50 = $4.50
  • 2- Fleischmanns Yeast – $1.50 = $3
  • Morton sea salt – $2.59
  • 3- Truvia Sweetener – $3.29 = $9.87
  • 2 – Hormel Pepperoni – $2.99 = $5.98
  • 2- Hefty Ziploc bags – $1.34 = $2.68
  • Reynolds Oven Bags – $2.59
  • Reynolds Aluminum Foil – $2.49
  • 2- Tombstone Pizza – $1.97 = $3.94
  • 3- Idahoan Potatoes- $1 = $3
  • ShopRite Cream Cheese- $1.49
  • ShopRite bagels – $1.99
  • ShopRite White Bread- $1
  • Hormel Deli Ham- $2.19
  • 2- bunches Bananas – $1.55
  • ShopRite 5 lb sugar – $3.09

Subtotal BEFORE priceplus – $232.65

Subtotal AFTER priceplus – $200.09

Coupons used: (All Coupons were TRIPLED)

  • $0.75 Fleischmanns Bread Mix from RedPlum insert 11/11/12
  • 3- $0.50 Kikkoman Product here
  • $0.50 Eagle Brand Condensed Milk from RedPlum insert 11/04/12
  • 5- $0.55 International Delight Creamer here and here (used 2 DIFFERENT coupons to comply with ShopRite coupon policy of only 4 “like” coupons)
  • 3- $1 Mio Water Enhancer here
  • 2- $0.50 Honey Nut Cheerios NLA
  • 2- $0.60 Cheerios NLA
  • 2- $0.60 Frosted Flakes NLA
  • 2- $0.50 Lucky Charms NLA
  • 6- $0.50 Cinnamon Toast Crunch here and NLA
  • 4- College Inn Carton here
  • 4- $0.50 Muir Glen Product here
  • $0.60 Muir Glen Product here
  • 2- $0.40 Swanson Flavor Boost here
  • $0.55 Cains Pickles from SmartSOurce insert
  • 4- $0.50 Progresso Recipe Starters here
  • 2- $0.55 Cystal Farms Cheese from
  • 2- $0.55 Country Crock Butter here
  • 4- $0.60/2 Yoplait greek Yogurt here
  • 3- $0.85/2 Yoplait Kids Yogurt here
  • 4- $0.30 Yoplait simplait here
  • 2- $0.30 Yopait lactose free here
  • $0.50/2 Birds Eye steamfresh from SmartSource 11/18/12
  • 4- $0.30 Carmex Lip Product here
  • 3- $0.50 Colgate Toothbrush here
  • 2- $1 Ludens Cough Drop from SmartSource insert 10/21/12
  • 2- $0.75 Suave Mens Shampoo NLA
  • $0.75 Betty Crocker Shake & Pour from product sample insert
  • 2- $0.60 Bisquick here
  • 2- $0.40 Fleischmanns Yeast from SmartSource insert 11/04/12
  • 3- $0.40 Fleischmanns Pizza Yeast from RedPlum insert 09/30/12
  • $0.75 Morton Sea Salt here
  • 3- $0.75 Truvia Sweetener here
  • 2- $0.55 Hormel Pepperoni here
  • $1.50/2 Hefty Zip Bags from RedPlum insert 11/11/12
  • $0.50 Reynolds Oven Bag from SmartSource insert 11/11/12
  • $0.75 Reynolds Aluminum Foil from SmartSource insert 11/11/12
  • 2- $1 Tombstone pizza
  • $0.55/3 Idahoan Instant Potatoes here
  • $0.40 canvas bags
  • $0.50 (not doubled) Betty Crocker Mix E-Coupon here
  • $0.50 (not doubled) Bisquick Mix E-Coupon here
  • $0.40 (not Doubled) Yoplait E-Coupon here
  • $0.50 (not doubled) Suave Mens E-Coupon here

Total Paid $59.65

For 110 items, That’s about $0.54 an item!! I think that’s pretty darn good!!

I ALSO received 2 catalinas for money off of my next shopping order. One for $2 and the other for $0.75.

I love getting paid to shop!

Mailbox Freebies

Another great week in our mailbox! Here’s  what we got:

  • Taste of Home Magazine
  • BIC Hybrid 4 Razor
  • Garnier BB Cream Sample
  • NatureMaid Adult Gummy Vitamin Sample
  • CVS Pharmacy Baking coupon
  • Betty Crocker Shake & Pour Brownie Mix & coupon from BoxTops for Education website
  • Buffalo Bills Hand Towel from Tide. (this will be stocking stuffer for the hubby)

Did you get anything good in your mail this week?

Mailbox Goodies

Homemade Christmas Presents

This weekend we set up and decorated our Christmas tree. I love the memories it brings as we hang up the decorations that we have accumulated over the years. This year, my dad passed ornaments from my Oma to me. These new ornaments mean the world to me. They are a piece of her that we have hanging on our tree among our other family memories.

Also hanging on our tree are quite a few homemade pieces of work, Ones that little hands crafted and put her heart into. They vary from Popsicle stick picture frames to dough ornaments and various glued objects. Each year, I try and find a new craft for my little girl to try out. I love seeing them each year and seeing how much she has grown up. I also love watching her face and hearing her “oohh” and “ahhh” as she pulls them out to hang them. It reminds me that I am doing something right as she brings back the memories that we have had as a family.

Here is a recipe for dough ornaments. These are quick, easy, and they come out really nice. You can use cookie cutters, free form, or just about anything to make these and they can be painted once they are dry. Ours came out awesome and they are an excellent addition to our “mish-mosh” tree.

Our Homemade Decorations from over the years

Cyber Monday

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!

For those who may not know, today is Cyber Monday. What that means is today is one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. Online retailers will be having Black Friday deals all day long while also promising things like free shipping to get you hooked.

I will be scouring the internet today for some hot deals. I missed out on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday because I just wasn’t well enough to leave the house, let alone brave the crowds. This means, I have a lot of catching up to do.

I will be shopping through a website that lets you earn cash for purchases made. It’s called Ebates and you can join for free here. (You also receive $10 upon signing up!! ) Not only do they offer discount codes and cut prices, but I earn a percentage of whatever I spend and once  I earn a certain amount, I pick my payout! A few months ago, I got back a $7 check just for a few small purchases.

Some sites I will definitely be checking out today are:

Amazon.com – Amazon has EVERYTHNG you can think of! They have special deals called Lightening Deals that are worthy of checking out! Most times, you can also get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

1saleaday.com – This site has deals that change daily. You can also score some little things for free! This site is definitely worth signing up for.

Nomorerack.com – This is another daily deal site. A lot of times these deals sell out so it’s a good idea to check early to see if there is anything you want.

Bidz.com – For Jewelry needs, I usually check out this site. They have awesome deals and anything I have gotten, I simply loved.

Musician’s Friend – If you have a music lover like I do in the family, this website is worth bookmarking! Competitive pricing, great customer service and a wide range of goods!!

I will also be checking out some of the usual suspects like Kohls, Kmart, BestBuy, and others to see what online specials they will be having.

While shopping online, please be mindful of where you are and only buy from trusted sources. Be leery of pop ups and spam that promise deals that are too good to be true, because oftentimes, they are.  Here is a great article from ABC news with a few tips to help you keep safe while shopping online. 5 Tips for Safe Online Holiday Shopping

What’s in My Cart?

So some of you may know, and others may not, but I had surgery on Tuesday. This left me unable to do my usual weekly shopping trips and posts but I made sure to pre-write some posts for the remainder of the week so you wouldn’t miss me too much! I did do a mini-shopping trip on Monday night so I could pick up my free meat but I didn’t get a chance to do my usual picture. I will, however, still share with you what I got…

  • Hormel Pepperoni $2.99
  • Celery Bunch $1.79
  • Deli Virginia Ham $2.35
  • ShopRite Whipped topping $0.88
  • Pillsbury Strawberry Cake Mix $0.88
  • Bag of Cranberries $2.50
  • 2- Boxes of Nectresse Sweetener $3.99 = $7.98
  • 4- International Delight Creamers  $1.50 = $6
  • 4- Garnier Fructis Shamoo/Conditioner $1.49 = $5.96
  • 2- Arm & Hammer Spinbrushes $4.99 = $9.98
  • 10.92 lb Cooks Shank Ham $18.45

Subtotal $61.12

Coupons used: All coupons were doubled, unless otherwise noted

  • Free Holiday Promotion Ham -$18.45
  • ShopRite Supercoupon Celery bunch -$1.40 (made price $0.39)
  • ShopRite Supercoupon Pillsbury Cake mix – $0.69 (made price $0.19)
  • ShopRite Supercoupon Cranberries -$1.51 (made price $0.99)
  • ShopRite Supercoupon ShopRite whipped topping -$0.39 (made price $0.49)
  • 4- $0.55 International Delight Creamer (deducted $4.40)
  • 2- $2 Arm & Hammer Spinbrushes (deducted $4)
  • 2- $3 Splenda Nectresse Sweetener (deducted $6)
  • 4- $0.75 Garnier Fructis Shampoo (deducted $6)

Total Paid $18.04

Not too shabby for a quick trip!

What I am Thankful for

In honor of it being Thanksgiving, I thought I would share one of the things that I am thankful for.
That is, being a stay at home mom.

The reason I wake up each day!!

I can never thank my husband enough for giving me the gift of being a stay at home mom.

Before last year, I had been a working mom since Jasmine was about 6 weeks old. I missed out on a lot of important things and I missed a lot of her growing up. Weekends were overwhelming because I tried to cram everything I wanted to do with her and everything I needed done in just 48 hours.

I rarely got the time to just hang out with my kid and talk to her. We didn’t get the chance to do 1/2 the crafts and activities that I had planned. Books went unread because I was too tired or the day had just flew by too fast. I was living with some serious mom guilt.

Then, my husband got promoted and we moved upstate. I was able to stay home and do all of the things that I had wished we could do. One on one time with my daughter is priceless!

We do crafts, read, write books, take nature walks, play babies, cuddle, bake and talk. I know so much more about her than I ever did. She will talk about pretty much anything and everything. She asks a million questions and I answer them to the best of my ability.

When she goes to school, I do housework and laundry and all that fun stuff. I get the boring chores out of the way so when she gets home, we can focus on homework, then dinner, and then have quality time before bed. There’s no more crazy, frazzled nights or weekends where we don’t have time for a bike ride or a book because I’m stuck doing laundry.

I am eternally grateful for each day that I get to stay home and be the best mom that I can be. I owe it all to my husband for being the amazing man that he is and for being the best and father and husband that I could ever ask for.

Thank you, Chris, for this opportunity and for all that you do. Words can hardly express my gratitude and appreciation. I love you!

The love of my life!