The Christmas closet

It’s no secret that I have a huge family. And as you can imagine, Christmas can get very costly. I’m also the type of person who agonizes over what to get someone To ensure that it is the perfect gift. Due to the fact I worry so much, I can not keep a present a secret and I end up telling someone or everyone to get their input, even if it happens to be that person. (I am sure my sisters are laughing because they know this is the truth)

Since being married, my family has grown and it continues to grow. How do I possibly buy everyone a present without selling my soul or robbing a bank? The answer, My Christmas Closet. Deep in this secret treasure trove, there are presents and gifts aplenty! I already have a jump start on Christmas with presents that I know my family will love! I also have a couple secrets since I have months, instead of weeks, to ponder how it will be accepted.

This years shopping started last year. I shopped the crap out of the after Christmas sales and snagged some awesome toys for my nieces and Jasmine. I was also able to score a bunch of other stuff for other people on my list all for at least half of the price! I neatly tucked these gifts into our storage closet where they were ready for me when I needed them. (birthdays this year were a breeze!)

The shopping didn’t stop there. I am constantly on the search for the perfect presents and I always check the clearance shelves in stores like Target and Walmart for filler and stocking items. (The amount I save in just stuff for Jasmine is enough to buy for almost everyone else! ) For the pricier items, it’s a little bit more of a process. I do some research on the item and get a general idea of what it costs and how high or low it can go. Then, I wait until i can get it for the best price I can get it for. Sometimes a coupon will come out or a store will have a special on it and that will seal the deal.

The Christmas closet has saved my butt on several occasions. Last minute birthday parties and events no longer sent me to the store in a panic. I had a gift on hand, as well as all the wrapping and such to make it pretty.

One thing I don’t have to worry about yet is Jasmine peeking. With so many bags (and them being strategically placed behind golf clubs and such), she has no clue that I have a stash that would make Santa jealous.


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