My HABA Addiction

Anyone who has ever visited my house knows that i have a health and beauty aides (AKA HABA) addiction. I have a whole closet filled with a vast assortment of hair products, body soap, hair dye, and everything needed for superb dental hygiene.

I’ve tried to break this addiction but it’s just not happening.

I start each week off by saying that I will not buy anymore HABA. I will use what is in there and let my stockpile shrink. But, somewhere along the way, a deal pops up for free products, and I cave. I just simply can’t resist. Whether it be toothpaste, razors, soap, feminine needs, or any other HABA goodies, I can not say no to free!

I’m not saying that my addiction is necessarily bad…

A lot of good has come out of my closet. I have donated a lot and helped many families in need with my extras. I’ve also given bags full to friends and family members. Best of all, anytime we have company, I’m like this awesome concierge that can cater to your every need. (Forgot your deodorant, no problem, take your pick because I’ve got many! )

Here is a glimpse inside of my HABA insanity. Hopefully, with a little help from me, you too can have your own HABA stockpile. 🙂

What’s inside your closet?


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