Shop Right, and Save

(Yup, that was a nod to the actual ShopRite, Inc slogan)

ShopRite of Niskayuna

Several years ago, I hated ShopRite. I hated shopping there and would rather chew my arm off than go there. A lot of my hatred comes from the fact that we only had 1 grocery store in our small town and they weren’t capable of handling all of the business. (Especially during the summer season!!)

I can honestly say that my opinion has completely flipped and I LOVE shopping at ShopRite. (And not just because they sign hubby’s paychecks!) The truth is, I learned how to shop at their store and to take advantage of all their benefits for their customers.

Let me share what I’ve learned.

First of all, ShopRite offers a priceplus card for their customers. I consider this to be my little magi wand at the register. Sale prices and specials are linked to your card so it’s important to get one if you plan on shopping at their store.

ShopRite Family Rewards is a program that is linked to your priceplus card. (You sign up for it on their website here and you link it to your card. ) This program is one of my favorites because it’s really simple and you earn all kinds of rewards. How it works is: you buy certain products and earn points for those purchases. Then, at the end of the quarter, you redeem your points for rewards that are sent to your card. Rewards include free products and dollar amounts off of your next shopping order. The best part is, there is an app available on your phone so you can redeem your points while waiting to checkout.

Another reward program they offer is Baby Bucks. For every $100 you spend on baby items, you get $10 off your next shopping order of $50 or more. This is great for anyone with babies or toddlers since diapers and baby stuff can be quite costly. Additional information can be found here.

During the major holidays (Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas), ShopRite runs a promotion where if you spend a certain amount of money throughout a specified time frame you can earn a free turkey or ham. The tally runs on the bottom of your receipt so you can track your total.

One last way you can save at ShopRite with your priceplus card is with online coupons. You can go here and clip E-coupons to your card. Then, all you do is purchase the items, scan your card, and you receive an instant discount, no paper needed.

The best money saving option they offer is double manufacturer coupons. Coupons policies vary by store but most stores will double coupons  up to, but not including, $1. This is where you oftentimes see free or supercheap items.

All of these programs and money-saving options plus either an early morning or later evening shop equals a recipe for success. You can see how ShopRite has been bumped to my number 1 spot for grocery shopping!

Shop right at ShopRite!


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