DIY Wedding


When my husband and I were first planing to get married, our plan was to elope. (Perhaps, that was a mistake since elopements aren’t usually planned!) My family was none too thrilled with that idea. They were against it from the start because they wanted to be a part of our special day.

I really couldn’t blame them. If it was one of my sisters instead of me, I would have felt the same way. The reality of it is, marriage is the union of 2 people, as well as their families.

We conceded to the families and decided to plan something small. (I should also tell you that at this point, we were well into the process of buying a house.) We had a very limited budget since our timing coincided with the closing of our house.

I spent quite a few weeks researching different venues and comparing prices. I was getting a little discouraged because I didn’t think we could pull it off and I didn’t want to drastically cut our guest list.

Finally, I decided to look into a DIY wedding. (That’s Do It Yourself) I was pleasantly surprised. I found an option that was in our budget and  would accommodate a decent amount of guests. I presented this idea to my darling husband to be, and he said go for it!


I enlisted the creativity of my mom, sisters, and friends and we got to work. Chris’ aunt rented us out the hall at our local fire house and I had a vision to transform it into something spectacular! We all comparative bargain shopped to find everything we needed and then we broke out our glue-guns and had crafting parties to make centerpieces, favors, programs, favors, etc.

It took a total of 3 months to plan and complete everything. The end result was amazing! (I may be a little biased but my stuff is a pretty big hit on Pinterest!) Altogether, we spent $4500. That included EVERYTHING! From DJ & photographer , flowers & decor, to kegs, alcohol & food, we had it all covered!

Centerpieces made from clear glass vase bought at the Dollar Tree

I definitely owed a huge thanks to my friends and family that helped make it possible. (Especially my friend, Sherri, who no longer has thumbprints due to so much glue-gun work!) We took lots of Dollar Tree products and made them stunning!

We had the time of our lives, first pledging our love to one another, then partying our butts off with our friends and family. I was so grateful that we changed our minds and went the traditional route.

Some snapshots of the end products of our hard work


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