What’s For Dinner?

So last week, I landed myself in the hospital for a few days and then the rest of the week, I wasn’t feeling well enough to do my usual job of cooking dinner. My ever-so-wonderful-and-awesomely-amazing husband took on the task of making sure that we were fed. No, he does NOT use coupons or sale shop, so the price tag on week-night dinners was double or triple what we usually spend.

Here are the 2 meals I did manage to make this week before I got sick…

Monday Night Football  & Wings- It’s Football Season!! This is one of my husband’s favorite dinners! I fry my wings, toss them in sauce, and then bake them so they get extra crispy. I added fries and leftover coleslaw for the resulting dinner. Total Cost – $4.74

Are you ready for some football?

  • Perdue Frozen Chicken Wings – $5.99/bag = $2.95 (Half a bag made about 20 wings)
  • Franks Buffalo Wing Sauce – $1.79 a bottle – $0.75 cpn (dbled) = $0.29
  • ShopRite Steak Fries- $2.50 – $1 ShopRite E-Coupon = $1.50
  • Colesalw- leftovers

Slow Cooker Potato Corn Chowder – I follow this recipe here, with a few minor changes. I did not add chicken this time around since my crock pot isn’t huge. (When I add chicken, I usually use leftover chunks that had been roasted). I also did not add cream cheese, sherry wine or leeks. Total Cost – $5.39

  • 3 medium potatoes – ($1.99/5lb bag) = $0.30

    Rich, Rustic, Fall Flavor

  • 3 carrots – $0.99 whole bag -$0.75 off Earthbound Farms product (doubled) = free
  • 3 celery stalks – $0.99 whole bag -$0.75 off Earthbound Farms product (doubled) = free
  • 1 red Bell Pepper $0.65
  • 1 onion- $0.20
  • 3 cups ShopRite frozen corn – $1.99
  • Old El Paso chopped chiles- $1.59 – $0.50 coupon (dbld)= $0.59
  • 2 cups Chicken broth- $1.99 whole container – $0.98
  • 1 cup milk – ($2.99/gal )= $0.19
  • butter, sugar, ornstarch, salt, papper
  • Organic Valley whipping cream $1.99 – $0.75 cpn (dbld) = $0.49

What did you do for dinner???


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