Seasonal Sales Cycles

Sales tend to cycle with the seasons. Holidays play a major part in dictating what items are on sale as well.

These past few summer months we saw tons of sales on salad dressings, bbq stuff, and all summer themed goods (such as sunblock). As the temperature gets cooler, expect to see the sales and corresponding coupons change. We will begin to see stuff like cold & flu medicine, baking products, and candy flood the circulars.

Last year I was able to get an arsenal of cold & flu products at next to nothing and we were still pretty well stocked when my husband got the first cold of this season. We didn’t have to run out to the store in the middle of the night, we just had to stumble to the medicine cabinet where we had everything from sinus medicine to theraflu and cough drops.

Start collecting and saving your coupons now so you’re ready for the flood of deals that will be coming in. The best ones can generally be found at drug stores like CVS & Rite Aid, but the grocery stores also tend to jump aboard the SS Medicine boat.  (Always keep expiration dates in mind when buying medicine. If you plan to stock up, you want to make sure the date is at least a year away.)

Stay tuned since I will be posting deals that I find so you too can have a well-stocked medicine cabinet.

The contents of our medicine cabinet. We are ready to face cold & flu season!!!


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