New month, new coupons

The 1st of the month is exciting for most couponers. It’s the day when online coupons reset and new ones are released. You can hear the hum of my printer for most of the morning while I take advantage of many limited print coupons. I always try to make sure I have backup paper and print cartridges on hand. (There is nothing worse than having your printed queued up and then having to shake your cartridge to get the last bit!!)

I’ve come up with a system to check all of the company and coupon websites so it takes the least amount of time possible. I’m all about convenience and getting the job done. What I do is I save all of the websites in a favorites folder. (I’ve listed the ones I go to below.) Then, on the first, I open up a new Internet browser and open the whole list of favorites in different tabs. I sign in and print what I want from each site and then “x” it out when I’m done. If one site is running slow, I can flip to another tab and start the process there while waiting for the previous tab to load.

It’s important to try and get your coupons printed as soon as you can because many have a limited number of prints available. Also, keep in mind that you are generally able to print twice per computer or IP address.

Here are the sites you can find in my favorites…


A screenshot of how I open multiple tabs in a browser for 1st of the month coupons!


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