Mailbox Freebies

Here’s a glimpse into what was in my mailbox this week….

What goodies did the mailman bring you?

I received a Highlights for kids preview, Free Taste of Home magazine, Purina Healthy Weight Cat food sample, 2 Kirkland Diapers samples from Costco, Scotchbrite Dolbie scrubber from 3M, Kneipp Sleep Well Herbal bath from Facebook, a Bic pen from a Bic Facebook giveaway, and a free card from

The Purina Cat food is still available here.  Kneipp is on FB here.  Bic penpals here, aren’t giving away anything right now, but watch them since they do periodic samples of pens and markers. gives away free cards ALL the time. Like them on FB and sign up to receive emails from them so you get notified when they do giveaways. They let you personalize them with photos and text, print addresses on the envelope AND come with a stamp!!


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