A New School Year…Part 2

So every parent has had that moment of dread…. It’s the day you get the school supply list. Holey-moley cow, you literally cringe at the list of all the supplies that are needed.

Last year, was my 1st experience with that overwhelming feeling that I was supplying the whole school with crayons and not just my child. I spent a small fortune between all the crayons, markers, glue, glue sticks, pencils, etc, etc, etc…AND midway through the year, we got a letter home asking for more of these items because their class stock was depleted. (WHAT?!? Are the kids eating the glue? Where is it all going?)

This year, I barely flinched. Eight boxes of crayons, no problem; 4 boxes of markers, no sweat; 3 boxes of 24 ct pre-sharpened Ticonderoga pencils, wait- what?? With the exception of the pencils, (no child needs 72 pencils for a school year, but I won’t start on that rant again…) I knew that this list would be a walk in the park with my newly acquired couponing and saving skills.

I started school shopping in August. Stores were releasing all of these awesome back to school sales and at the same time, companies were releasing coupons that matched up. Crayola released several high value coupons as well as Rose Art and Bic. I got everything on the list AND extras in anticipation for the mid-year letter asking for more. I was much more willing to pick up a couple extra packs of glue sticks while they were $0.50 versus having to pay full price of $3.

Then, the best thing happened. Rose Art had a coupon in the newspaper, as well as online, for $1 off of 3 products. With a lot of their products being $0.25 – $0.50 each, that led to a bountiful supply of free items. I then got this awesome idea to make a present for the teacher. The foundation of it is made up of items that were listed on the “needed, but not mandatory” part of the list. They included boxes of tissues and hand sanitizer. I then added layers of glue sticks and glue (since the children MUST be also be using them as snack) and then other supplies that I had picked up all for free. The whole thing only cost me about $5.

The end result was my amazing School Supply Cake.

School Supply Cake

The teacher was elated when we presented it to her and  was so excited that we gave a little extra thought to her. It was something so special and meant so much to her, but at the same time, it cost less than a “value meal” at McDonalds. And, no, I am not one of THOSE moms, I just know a lot of teachers and people in the school systems and I know that budgets are tight.  I kid around about having to buy so many supplies but I know that many teachers have to go out and buy stuff from their own pockets. And This was my way of saying “Thank you” to the teacher and “Hey, the next glue stick is on you!”


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