A New School Year Part 1

September 4th marked the start of a new school year… Jasmine is now in 1st grade! Oh, how I wish I knew the things I knew this year, last year!

For starters, lets talk school clothes. It costs a small fortune to properly clothe a child. I wish they came with some warning labels such as: Warning- will have a sudden growth spurt and outgrow all their pants overnight, or Danger- will need to buy the next size sneakers by December!! I thought it was bad when she was an infant and we had to keep buying new sizes but now that she runs around and climbs monkey bars and rides bikes, she outwears them before she outgrows them! We are lucky we get a full days use out of a pair of stockings! (Not that I can say anything, my poor mom wouldn’t put them on me before we got to our destination because I would trash them just sitting in the car!!)

So, how do you keep up?

Here is my secret…I am CONSTANTLY shopping for clothes. Like, here it is 2 weeks into the year and I am already buying for next year

I know that sounds expensive, but it’s really not. The reason being, I buy last season stuff when it goes on clearance. For example, last spring when all of the cute little dresses and shorts were starting to make their appearances, instead of paying $16.99 for them, I hit up the sale racks and got sweaters and jeans  for $2-$5 at Target. (I just bought the next size up)  I also scored 2 pairs of adorable flats for $1.98 each. If I’m in a store, I check the clearance.  As a result, Jasmine always has a full wardrobe and is ready for the next season. I also don’t break the bank account when it is time for “back to school shopping.” We were able to splurge this year and she was able to get 2 pairs of Nike sneakers (one for school and one for cheerleading) as well as a pair of boots from Old Navy, because we didn’t have to worry about buying all of the other stuff. She already had bags of clothes in the closet waiting for her.

If one morning we wake up and find that the hem of her pants has magically shrunk 2 inches allowing the elements to reach her ankles, we reach to the top of her closet and we have the next size waiting for us. (It has also come in handy when she has friends come and visit and they need a change of clothes and aren’t the same size as her. )

Altogether, we spent more on her shoes than her whole years wardrobe. (Truthfully, if Dad wasn’t with us shoe shopping, I don’t think we would have even spent as much as we did! He insists on the best for her, regardless of cost!) And, my kid is one well dressed kid! You could never tell that she is a “clearance shelf kid.” She is becoming quite the fashionista and has her own sense of style that I adapt to. And, we do it all on a bargain!!

My little clearance shelf fashionista!


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